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Sexual-Lobster.... You never let me down with these flicks. Pure. Diamond. Stuff.

Haha, laughed my ass so hard when he punched glasses away from that guy, funny detail there! Very good having nes sprites mostly/custom ones, me likey!

Something new, something better but still maintain the actual idea - with new thingies! What can one say, this is very nice work from you. Keep it up!

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Holy crap! This game was actually genius! Tooked sweet time for me to solve this game -- never tought it was simple as that as it was. Definitely, i want so see more of this game. Perhaps a sequel? Hell yeah! Kudos for this, it was greatly entertaining!


This game kept my busy as long i maded it thru. Everything was on its spot! Gameplay, music, difficulty, level editing, humour even the slighest pixel was in its righteous spot! I play myself, hours and hours games in a day, and i know what is good game when i confront it. And this was just .... AAAAAAWEEEEEESOOOOMEEEEE! :)
... Can't wait until the next part of this game, if you are gonna do so? ...

Ps. That friggin cat stole my space-ship, DUHH...!

Great entertainment, BUT ....

Overal, this is GOOD game. Some stuff still buggered me, and even, annoyed me a bit while i played this flash game. This "guy "(?) adamdust writed in his review nice points wich i concurr, more or less.

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Not bad at all

It goes on quite well, however - something disturbs me in that melody in it. I wonder if i had heard it from another DJ tracks ... Quite unsure about that. But in anyways, this is nice packet and goes quite good by background music!

dragonsteak responds:

thanks for being so specific? if you could tell me what song I "stole" it from, that would let me know... because I don't.

Nope, not like this

I am sorry, but this track is pure umh.. Nothingness? dont get offended, but it hardly gives anything to grab for. Or that does it for me anyways. Cant get hold of the song, nor listen it with deeply means.. Hmm, more work -work work and it would sound better.

carl565 responds:

seems to me your the only one that feels that way, what ever. ill be adding more to it, it was only supposed to be a demo of the real thing, plus i was just messing around with drums and added random bass and guitar in it


I would guess, that this song is still under some work? I mean, it doesn't sound as finished. You got mainly the drums there and couple hihat hits. I would sugges you add some leads or even a melody -- that would boost it nicely up.

Nobody is perfect, but with training you will get near to it!

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This is good work, im not saying otherwise. However, bringin out your own work for public eye is the one what im looking for. Yes, i bet quite portion of people is able to 3D render images and such. Since you have such skill, why not make something of yout own? Since this character is already been invented/created, i would like see your original work. This review is not meant to diss you by any means, but i like to see more works of your own mind!

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